Billy Murphy

Billy Murphy


This is my professional website.  As an IT and strategy consultant in the hospitality, manufacturing and retail industries, I have had extensive experience in helping clients achieve their goals through targeted collaborative projects.  I believe most clients know what needs to be done, but might not have the skills, experience or resources with the focus to execute their strategic direction.  This is where my years in industry can help your organization achieve your goals. 


I have worked in restaurant IT for a number of years and fully understand the challenges of providing strategic services in that environment.  Creating and supporting a distributed IT services environment to hundreds of locations and for non-technical users is no small task. Working closely with Operations, Finance and Accounting has given me the insight into business priorities and provided a foundation to assist in achieving strategic goals. 

Having worked with a number of restaurant concepts in the casual dining, fast casual and quick service sectors, I understand the unique characteristics of each of these business models and how to maximize the organization's technology investment. 



The manufacturing segment seems to fall into one of two categories from an automation perspective.  One, they did not implement an enterprise solution prior to the economic slowdown. Slower demand forced them to  limped along waiting for business to improve before upgrading their systems.  Or, they have upgraded their systems, but due to business process changes, merger and acquisitions, or the implementation of new, but narrowly scoped functional solutions, find that things just are not working together like they should.  I have helped manufacturers develop strategic plans to bring these enterprise solutions together, resulting in improved business processes and cleaner, and more efficient, flow of information through their organization.


Retailers today face difficult choices on technology spending and how to get the biggest bang for the technology buck.  In my consulting experience, I have perform strategic projects to help retailer select the systems that can propel them forward while maximizing their investment.  I've also worked closely with retail operations to put practical business process and systems in place, allowing full utilization of existing resources.


I specialize in helping organizations improve the service and utilization they, and their customers, receive from their technology investments.  Please contact me if you believe there is room for improvement in your IT organization or a particular project that needs focused attention.